Interpreters & Translators

Our staff at Columbia Language Services is the best. We focus on achieving the highest level of quality in every translation and interpretation project. To achieve these results, we maintain high standards for all our language specialists. This includes state or national certifications, continuing education, and a personal commitment to the profession.

All prospective language specialists are required to take a written test as part of the contracting process. These tests are specifically tied to the industries we serve, and gage the perspective interpreter’s knowledge, experience and aptitude.

Once a candidate meets our minimum requirements, Columbia Language Services requires a 90-day trial period. During this period, we closely monitor their performance and continue to evaluate how they handle certain situations. During the trial period, we may require additional training to fill in any gaps and strengthen existing skills. This results in your company or organization receiving the highest quality results.

We understand the environment that interpreters and translators experience on a daily basis, as a result Columbia Language Services attracts and retains the best professional interpreters and translators available.