Our conference services are perfect for medium to large multilingual events that require one or multiple interpreters.

As a form of simultaneous interpretation, this service typically requires wireless receivers with headsets. This equipment enables audience members to listen to a preferred language during presentations. This reduces background noise and negates the choppiness of a few sentences spoken then interpreted, as in consecutive interpretation.

A good example of this type of service would be the interpretation methods employed by the United Nations in New York City, but on a scale applicable to your event. Columbia Language Services will provide interpreters in multiple languages at your request.

Other examples of this type of interpretation service include:

  • Town Hall meetings
  • School events and plays (Elementary, High School, College)
  • Business Conferences
  • Industry Conventions
  • Assemblies

Call us toll free at (888) 202-3301 or Register On-line. You will receive a prompt response from one of our customer service professionals within 24 hours. They will work with you to find the most effective and efficient solution to your interpretation and translation needs.