Consulting  Services

Columbia Language Services realizes the multinational nature of the world we live in has made cultural understanding more important for operating in the global economy. This goes well beyond just translation and language services. We therefore offer consulting services to help you and your business understand and adapt to cultural differences when entering foreign markets or hiring foreign-born workers.

    Management/Employee Support

  • The American workforce is diversifying. Columbia Language Services will assist you in understanding and developing tools to better reach and motivate your culturally diverse workforce. This support will make both you and your employees understand, meet and exceed your organization’s goals and expectations.

    Customer/Cultural Consultants

  • If your business deals with customers from other cultures or recent immigrants to the United States, a cultural consultation is very important for professionals working in industries like real estate, banking, medical, etc.
  • The more aware you of the cultural differences and beliefs, the more likely you can retain your multicultural customers

    Private Group Training

  • Columbia Language Service offers private consulting and formal group presentation on the challenges, obstacles and opportunities when working with other cultures.

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